Rosso Piceno DOC

An essence of ripe, juicy plums and bramble berries with the scent of cyclamen. Serve at 18°C.
Montepulciano 70%, sangiovese 30%
0.75 l
4 cheese gnocchi, rich lasagnas, Amatriciana pasta, roast beef, hummus with dried tomatoes, bbq pork ribs.
Tenuta Cocci Grifoni - Le Rondini - Rosso Piceno DOC

Maybe it's noon, in the summer heat, among vineyards and greenery, a woman contemplates the marvel before her eyes. A flock of swallows flies high in the sky.

The swallows fly through the fresh, clean air.

Within our vineyards, between the towers of our medieval hamlets, along the paths of our hills.

The ancient history that develops in our territory is made by people and by an ecosystem that we have to protect. It is a story that, from label to label, reflects the concept of environmental protection, which is very important to us. It is a story in which the swallows, symbol of sustainability, are the main characters of the journey from our winery to the vineyards and the woods, to arrive in one of the nearest village and go back. In circle, like the seasons, like our work at the winery.

Engaging and immersive labels that tickle and stimulate the senses. The images, their colors and settings suggest that the character of the wines, guiding who wants to know them to guess their character and taste. This is our line dedicated to large-scale retail trade presented in a total restyling that has left the name unchanged, Le Rondini (The Swallows), and the proposal: five still wines and a sparkling wine from SQNPI certified crops.

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