Here we find the wines of memory. Pecorino and Montepulciano that give life to wines in purity or blends. These are the Messieri, Colle Vecchio, Vigneto Madre Pecorino and Grandi Calanchi vineyards, which, with over thirty years of life, produce fruits full of personality, character and courage.
We open up to the animal world that lives high up among the cliffs and downstream where the climate is more humid or in mid-air where everything smells good.
The peregrine falcon, the toad and the Vanessa butterfly are the heroes of these labels.

Le Tenute

Those grown between the San Basso, Tarà and Tenimenti le Ginestre estates are indigenous vines. Two reds, Sangiovese and Montepulciano, and two whites, Pecorino and Passerina, which, when processed according to the DOC and IGT specifications, produce interesting products. The biological richness to which the label refers is answered in the breadth of the line and in its ability to serve any type of meal.
The line was born by mapping the plant biodiversity that peeps out between the rows of vines in spring.
It is a hymn to the richness of the Mediterranean vegetation and to the protection of its complex ecosystem.

“Le Rondini”

The ancient history that develops in our territory is made by people and by an ecosystem that we have to protect. It is a story that, from label to label, reflects the concept of environmental protection, which is very important to us. It is a story in which the swallows, symbol of sustainability, are the main characters of the journey from our winery to the vineyards and the woods, to arrive in one of the nearest village and go back. In circle, like the seasons, like our work at the winery.

The swallows fly through the fresh, clean air.
Within our vineyards, between the towers of our medieval hamlets, along the paths of our hills.
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