Sustainable Agriculture

We honour the tradition of our farmers who have skillfully maintained the beauty and balance of the natural system, enhancing the optimal growth of crops and the natural fertility of the land. We keep intact the limestone ravines, guardians of the ditches, without deforestation or cementing the slopes, to promote the biological cycle of rainwater and precipitations, which currently provide almost 100% of the water needs of the irrigation basins. We use drip irrigation systems and only when strictly necessary during very dry periods.

We prevent vineyard soil erosion by drawing in drains according to traditional patterns. We increase the soil’s organic substances with natural grassing techniques and the correct nutrition of the vineyards by applying innovative techniques. These increase plant vitality and we obtain more nutraceutical grapes, which will transfer more content in natural molecules to the wines that are beneficial to the body.

We study and select the types of vines that have the least environmental impact possible. With our commitment to sustainability we follow the guidelines of SQNPI (System of National Quality of Integrated Production), recognized by their logo of the bee, and by BIO production of grapes.
We limit the use of traditional energy resources through photovoltaic generation for 50% of the company’s needs and with solar heating for 100%. We control CO2 emissions into the environment through the efficient use of motorised agricultural vehicles.