Tarà Estate

Passerina Sparkling Brut

Straw yellow in color with faint greenish hints, vivid and bright. The nose is intense with floral notes of white, fresh acacia flowers, fresh apples and pears, and a hint of white peaches with a light note of grapefruit. A soft wine on the palate it has an intense and persistent mouthfeel.

Ideal serving temperature: 6°/8° C.

  • First year of production: 1991
  • Grapes: 100% Passerina
  • Soil  composition: clayey – sandy with exposure and altitude: South-East, 200 – 230 mt a.s.l.
  • Training system: espalier system, double guyot
  • Yield/hectare: 9 tons
  • Cares in the preparation: grape harvest in early September  with hand picking with grape selection. Vinification through white wine-making, under controlled temperature at 16°C
  • Sparkling wine-making process: Martinotti – Charmat method, also known as “Italian Method”
  • Refinement: at least 4 months in bottle

The “Delle Alberate Vineyard” is home to our indigenous grape Passerina. This variety was recovered from the ancient “grapes married with trees”, a traditional farming practice that allowed the vines to permanently adhere to living supports such as tree trunks. It is inside an ecosystem which encompasses an area near the medieval towns of Ripatransone, Grottammare and Cossignano and then descends into the Tronto River valley in southern Marche. The vineyard, at 250 mt a.s.l., has slightly sandy medium textured soil is located on a gentle slope with southeastern exposure facing towards the Fiobbo stream. This area is home to an environment of herbaceous and arboreal species, typical of the Mediterranean shrub land, and is an ideal habitat for recolonization of the wild fauna of the endemic Italian “Badlands”.