Cocci Grifoni

Where wine is at home,
welcoming is a habit,
and sight is part of taste

Our winery is open to those who are curious, want to relax, and listen to the story about the wine they are about to drink. Our experiences are for all tastes and all levels of concentration.

We await you at our Wine Library or Wine Shop for guided tastings of our labels, the undisputed stars of the experience. Meanwhile, on the Terrace, with its unparalleled views, you will discover the connection between wine and food and share stories of our land and culture. Finally, the “Grotta” offers our guests an intimate and immersive experience in direct contact with the sandstone that forms our hills.

Our experience calendar also includes activities such as cooking classes, workshops to learn how to make paper, yoga classes, and team-building moments.


If you already know everything about wine and want to learn more, or want to improve your instinctive knowledge, Wine Experiences are for you. All of your attention and your senses will be devoted to the knowledge of the wine we produce.

Wine & Food

If, for you, a glass of wine should always be accompanied by something to eat, and if you know that this something shares the same philosophy and originates from the same land as the wine, it already gives you that mouth-watering feeling.
It means that here you will find the taste you are looking for. The surrounding landscape will attract your attention: it is an integral part of the experience.

Not just wine

You like to combine doing with knowing. Don’t you just settle for a story; you want to earn it first?
From cooking classes to yoga, get to know the activities and events we can host. Write to us if you have a particular project in mind to share with your team and friends.

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