A family

Wine, courage and territory
in the Cocci Grifoni's way.

There is often a moment in life that defines the future.

Tenuta Cocci Grifoni - Storia

For us, this moment has a name, Guido Cocci Grifoni. He was our strong willed visionary who, while planting the vineyards, planted our company’s values.


Stewards of the Land.
Appartenenza - Valori - Tenuta Cocci Grifoni

The feeling of belonging to the territory is the basis of our daily work. A territory to defend and protect that thanks us with splendid panoramas and ecosystems to preserve. “Stewards of the Land” is the family property handed down from generation to generation that today has a surface of 100 hectares, 60% of it is cultivated a vineyard, 8% to olive groves and 2% to cereals.
Woods, protected to preserve the biodiversity and encourage the repopulation of flora e wild fauna, occupy the remaining 30%.

In the picture Vincenzo Carassai, friend and faithful workmate of Guido Cocci Grifoni. A rare and sincere example, with his family, of the meaning of belonging.

Appartenenza - Valori - Tenuta Cocci Grifoni
Valori della Terra - Tenuta Cocci Grifoni

More and more
than ever.

All our actions were and are, now more than ever, oriented in a natural way to what today takes the name of sustainability which for us has the concrete form of choices, relationships and partners.

For years we have been carrying out a protocol that is attentive to the ecosystem that surrounds us and which has the name of Oasi Lipu for the protection of biodiversity, SQNPI when in the vineyard we apply integrated production techniques for a lower environmental impact, FSC® when we design content on paper.
It is in sustainability that our commitment is concentrated every day, for every choice, for every step we decide to take.

Perseverance is the feeling that runs through our history and pervades it like a spinal column. Today it coincides with the desire and the need to present ourselves on the market with constantly renewed products and a completely sustainable line. In this path, traced with naturalness and coherence, all the values and principles of the winery converge.

Famiglia - Valori - Tenuta Cocci_Grifoni


through our history

From this land, we learned the generosity and it inspires all our present, past and future actions.

This value is the main path in how to manage the family business: sharing knowledge and practices in the production of wines with the territory and the new generations.


A deep hug.
Valori - Tenuta Cocci Grifoni

The audacity that has characterized innovative and often counter-current choices regarding our products – the search of the Pecorino grape, the decision to bottle it in purity, the choice of making Passerina sparkling wine when no one did it – is the same that led us to realize that the world of wine and the world of tourism could enrich each other.

We have created a wine tourism journey where the authenticity of life in the cellar meets the pleasure of discovering the Tenuta Cocci Grifoni wine and the Piceno area, creating the Relais Cocci Grifoni wine tourism project and the Panoramic Wine Resort.


The courage to
create new paths.

Belonging, audacity, generosity and perseverance, these are the values that represent us and from those values we have absorbed nourishment.
In a glass of wine from our cellar, we find authentic flavours, stories of audacity and beauty.
Stories of courage..

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