Custodianship • Tradition



«Our challenge? Live sustainably in harmony with nature.»
Diana, Marilena and Paola Cocci Grifoni

In simple terms for us this necessitates having a vegetable garden, taking care of the vineyards, producing food from our fields and remaining in contact with the earth. We produce natural wine with healthy grapes from our vineyards to preserve and pass on a rich and respectful relationship between man and nature, the only one capable of ensuring a future for the planet. Our care goes beyond the vines planted in the soil. Of the 95 hectares that make up the property, 50% is devoted to vineyards, 7% for olive groves and 12% is for cereals. A good portion of our land is left fallow for natural habitat conservation and repopulation of the flora.


«I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful form of art that you could want.»
Andy Warhol

Our farmers always knew how to maintain the beauty and balance of the natural system, encouraging the optimal growth of crops and natural bio-diversity of ecosystems. We have learned from them and apply their knowledge as custodians of the land for over four generations.

  • We cultivate vineyards on 50% of our estates for the protection of native bio-diversity, both animal and vegetable.
  • We have preserved natural forests around the vineyards for the repopulation of insects useful to the biological cycle of the grapes and to act as safe corridors for the movement of wild animals.
  • The limestone ravines and ditches have been left intact, without deforestation or cementing the natural slopes, in order to assist the natural cycle of rainwater.
  • Only drip irrigation systems are employed and solely if this becomes necessary during prolonged periods of drought.
  • We mitigate soil erosion with the use of furrows and planting “girapoggio” in the vineyards.
  • The organic matter of the soil is increased with natural revegetationtechniques.
  • We study and select the types of vine varieties carry a lower environmental impact.
  • Four hectares of land are retained as an experimental vineyard for historic viticulture and the continuous recovery/renewal of germplasm for the heritage Pecorino vines, Passerina and Montepulciano.
  • We select native yeasts from the Pecorino and Montepulciano grape skins of the mother plants in our historic vineyards.
  • We work closely with the regional agencies of the IPM Marche with regards to fighting vine diseases and experimentation with vine specifications and adaptations.
  • We limit the use of non-green energy resources through photovoltaic generation that provides up to 50% of the company’s requirements and with solar thermal providing 100%.
  • We mitigate CO2 emissions with the efficient use of fossil fuel agricultural vehicles.
  • We have protected the migration of swallows for over 46 years. They return every year in the first week of March and leave the first week of September.
  • Our winery is certified organic by the agency “Suolo e Salute”.
  • We pay a lot of attention to the local community where we live. Our commitment is to promote the quality of territory and its traditions and facilitate the entry of young people in the labour market though internships and School-Work Alternation method. We hire local manpower even trough outplacement of senior expelled workers.