Tenuta Cocci Grifoni has its origins in a small farm bought from our great-grandfather Vincenzo in 1933 when he decides with his wife Rosa to plant the first vineyard on Messieri hill, behind the bridal house. After his death, he leaves the company with his son Domenico, the first born in a three sons family. Domenico marries a girl named Maria and in 1936 our father Guido is born in Contrada Messieri in Ripatransone.

At the beginning, our grandfathers owned several farms cultivated in cereals, olive groves and tree-trained ungrafted vines. Back in the day, they planted vegetable gardens, bred oxen and pigs and had poultry for eggs and rabbits for feast days.

The adventure in the countryside starts when our grandfather dies.

Early on the adventure, all was improvised. While in the 1950s our father was studying at middle-school at Seminary of Ripatransone, his father died. He decided to abandon his studies and come back home to stay with his widow mother.

Shortly after, he marries Diana, our mother, and together they dedicate themselves to viticulture and anticipate a trend of the following years during which lawyers, doctors and professionals decide to dedicate themselves to wineries. Life in the fields was not easy and farmers had to maintain part of the birth family with revenues of agriculture.

There were several sharecroppers families working in the vineyards and fields of my parents. Guido has decided to introduce a series of innovations creating the best life conditions for farmers and improving agriculture and vinification. At the time, they worked differently than today: the procedural guidelines did not exist and the quality of wine in the Piceno was not high.

First of all, Guido has pored over systems’ research to make the land more generous using organic fertilizers to increase fertility and contour ploughing tree planting to avoid erosion and placer mining of the soil. The land is always very rich in mineral substances and creating the best conditions to find such substances in the root of the plant was enough.

In the 1960s Guido decides to invest in the land and buys new small vineyard farms. In 1965 Marilena, the eldest, is born in Contrada Messieri, when our grandparents have decided to start quality wine production. Some years later, in 1970, Paola is born and in the same year we bottle the first ever Rosso Piceno Superiore, vintage 1969. Even in the cellar our father was against trends of that time.

To be continued…



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