The Landscape and the Cult of Beauty

The rich diversity of the Piceno landscape, where we are located, is dominated by vineyards interspersed with crops and historic Renaissance towns forming idyllic prominent silhouettes on the horizon. This particular geography is conducive to a variety of crops and oenology, which today is reflected in a very wide range of ‘terroir’ and local autochthonous wines that combined offer a cornucopia of different tastes. This is a microcosm full of plurality and diversity of which we are very proud: for it mirrors the diversity of the landscape and its inhabitants who live together peacefully. This scenic beauty, which has come to be revered with a cult-like appreciation, has evolved from ancient origins: historical environmental practices found in the tradition of farmer and resident of the land and who has been and is still the artist behind this visual harmony integrating agriculture and nature in the Marche region.

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