Our territory, “The Piceno” in southern Marche, was considered as a large quantity ad low quality wine-producing area. The grapes were sold in tanks to help winemakers of noble Italian regions. We have spent many years to requalify ourselves. And we thank Pecorino which today is produced by several winemakers in Marche and Abruzzo regions. Tourism has helped us a lot since many German, Swiss, Belgian, Dutch visitors come at the Winery and taste our wines. Through the years also many American and Canadian visitors have discovered the area and now “The Piceno” is considered as a wine producing area of excellence.

My mother Diana, Paola and me and the very young Marta and Camilla who one day will follow us, think about how lucky we are since we have acquired an heritage we have to safeguard and we have the possibility to improve and constantly innovate the family business in which we are involved.

Paola, Diana and me have improved and strengthen the company: when my grandparents set themselves up there they had 30 hectares; today we have about 95 hectares of land planted olive groves, cereals and autochthonous vineyards: Pecorino, Passerina, Montepulciano, Verdicchio, Sangiovese, Trebbiano. We are lucky because we work in a very pleasant place. We are in Contrada Messieri, surrounded by badlands, woods looking out to Sea and nature, in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, immersed in uncontaminated area.

Our work make us travel a lot all around the world because we sell 60% of the production and about 400.000 bottles abroad. We consider it a privilege. We do not have to worry about selling wine but we always tell clients what do they drink since in each glass there is our terroir and an atavistic project of our family who since always care and safeguard the land. Finally, we are committed in passing on this resource intact to future generations, respecting the local community who live there.

Marilena Cocci Grifoni

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