Land and Love of Nature

Tenuta Cocci Grifoni welcomes visitors into this peaceful world of calmness and deeply rooted sense of place, which often inspires nostalgia. For over 900 years a sharecropping system, known as the ‘mezzadria’, influenced those that inhabited and worked the land. Every inch of the countryside was cultivated and cared for. Although this system ended forty years ago its system is still keenly alive in both the memory and behaviour of those who inhabit our native land. This tradition represents an intimate union, deep and vital between man and the earth, offering the ability to be self-sufficient in food production and to generate a high quality of life in harmony with the natural cycles of nature. Our research into the almost extinct heritage grape varieties, the constant care of the vineyards and protection of this harmonious landscape testifies to our history of being profoundly rooted in our land.

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