Authentic Wines of Terroir

Our father, Guido Cocci Grifoni, always followed a sustainable and chemical free approach to viticulture and oenology. He was interested in the authentic results obtained in the cellar from what nature, through a favourable microclimate, gave spontaneously. Starting in the 1970’s, our parents used yeasts selected by the industry. Today Paola and I believe that an important aspect to our production, that gives the wine its unique style, is with the use of autochthonous yeasts. This element accents our estate wines’ terroir.

The aromas and specific palate of these wines points to the high quality of the crus on the Estate and their identity is connected to a specific place: the uncontaminated, deep ravine ecosystems of the Southern Italian Apennines touched by the Adriatic Sea. This is where our winery and home has resided for over a century. Our microclimate allows vines to grow that are vigorous in nature and that fight to produce fruit while pushing their roots deep into the ground. The wild biodiversity that surrounds our property protects the cycle of grapes and our tradition is to impose daily care of the land with minimum interference in the processes.

Our land is particularly suitable to Pecorino, a unique grape variety that produces extremely pleasant white wines with great character. With this versatile grape, we can produce wines for every day drinking and complex wines with a shelf life of up to 20 years.  For us Pecorino is an important part of our current history.  The “Pecorino Project” was developed by our father, Guido, who wanted to produce a great white wine with the best quality from his land.  In the early 1980s, this wine did not exist until Guido and the Sommelier Mr. Bugari began the research of an almost extinct ancient autochthonous vine variety which they then rediscovered in the slopes of Apennine mountains.

To be continued…

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