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«The privilege of owning land entails the responsibility to pass on this resource intact not only for posterity but for a future in an era that is unknown to us.»
Aldo Leopold

Our father, Guido Cocci Grifoni, for years had a determined, single vision to create a great white wine in the Piceno, a land known only as a producer of full-bodied and generous red wines. Our entire family knew our father was doing something important and rare, we could sense it in the air. But it was only years later, when we were older, that we understood the deeper reason for his enthusiasm: he was listening to the voice of his land. He had discovered something unique, something that was always there but had been buried by forgetfulness. This discovery was an ancient autochthonous grape variety that had disappeared for years: the Pecorino. The recovery of this grape variety, which our family has greatly contributed to, helped to both save an authentic Italian heritage and to express a pure vision of ‘terroir’. Now through a series of unique and now historical factors the Pecorino wine is appreciated by the world and is an icon for a large community of winemakers.


«If the ants agree, they can move an elephant»
African proverb

Leading The Winery are the fourth generation of the women of this family. Diana, the mother, is in charge of hospitality in the country house as well as overseeing the vineyards. Paola is the winemaker responsible for production and vinification. Marilena is the General Director. Alongside them is an excellent team of collaborators. They include Maurizio in Purchases and Logistics, Loredana and Mattia in Administration. Massimo is the sales responsible for Italy and coordinator of agents’ network, Elisa Capretti cares the West sales. As well we have Valentino, Giovanna and Maurizio in the cellar, and Rita in Reception Services. Outdoors we can count on our qualified consultants; our wine specialist Roberto, our agronomist Moreno who coordinates the collaborators in the countryside – Mauro, Luca and Pietro.






«My lands are walks and discoveries. They are like a quote of the past.»
Angelo Ferracuti

Our land is located in “The Piceno” an area located on the 43 ° parallel north, in a hilly area of ​​the Marche region, protected and defined as “areas of significant landscape value”. The Piceno is a world unto itself, far away from major communication routes and abounding with Renaissance villages and country homes. Many are still inhabited by the indigenous community of ancient sharecroppers, with a few lucky tourists enjoying the silence and splendor of the area. It is also the main wine growing region in Le Marche. From the hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea, to the Monti Sibillini National Park, the landscape is characterized by vineyards that alternate with olive groves and small traditionally farmed landholdings. Here we produce the DOC Rosso Piceno, Rosso Piceno Superiore, Falerio and Terre di Offida, the latter being types of Passerina sparkling wine, Vin Santo and sweet wine. This area is also identified as a terroir DOCG for Offida wine. This includes three types: Offida Rosso, Offida Passerina and Offida Pecorino. This is the location of our company and where we live – as always – within the Cocci Grifoni family.