Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Tenuta Cocci Grifoni”

Olives: Frantoio, Leccino e Carboncella.

Olive Oil of Superior quality obtained directly from the olives, using exclusively mechanical methods.

The olive trees are immersed in our estates surrounded by fruit trees and fields, as well as numerous herb gardens and wooded areas. Small, specially designated olive groves are dedicated to the cultivation of the variety “Tenera Ascolana del Piceno, DOP”.

  • Harvesting method: Picked by hand.
  • Processing system: Cold pressing.

Organoleptics characteristics:

  • Appearance: Clear and bright.
  • Colour: Golden with greenish reflections.
  • Aroma: Clearly perceptible of fresh olives.
  • Taste: Well-balanced, slightly sweet, with hints of fruit, slightly bitter.